Resumo da série

O estudante Kusuo Saiki prometeu quando criança que esconderia suas habilidades de prever o futuro, mas esse talento continua sendo um problema em sua vida.

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Exibições no Brasil

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Facing an Unusual Past

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Episode 21

Impersonation via Hypnosis + High Expectations on the New, Fully Functional Mascot + This Year's the Last Time! New Year's Eve + Silent New Year's

Class Disaster + PK Academy Cultural Festival

Touma Akechi, the Transfer Student Who Never Shuts Up + The Transfer Student's Still Talking! + Sweet Potato Digging Disaster + Putting the Mascot Characters in Order + Metori Saiko's Listless Days

Episode 17

If You're Looking for a Boyfriend... + The Best Present for a Beloved Sister + The Spirit Medium Debuts Again + The High Tech Soldier, 100 Yen Man! + Inside the Secret Base